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We design and create stylish, yet comfortable, household & corporate items.


We are Yellow Tulip Creations

Yellow Tulip Creations is a Brooklyn based graphic design studio that primarily focuses on designing and creating stylish, yet comfortable, household & corporate items. We use the latest laser cutting and engraving technologies together with our modern design techniques to create household items that not only evoke a feeling of homeliness but are of the highest quality.

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Bamboo Wall Art Design

We are Eco-friendly

Environmental sustainability is at the core of all our operations, we use the most efficient processes to design, cut and deliver our products. Furthermore, we primarily use Bamboo as a raw material for our products. This means that all our products are beautiful, stylish, eco-friendly and inherit all the desirable features of Bamboo such as strength and durability, a higher propensity to be Hypoallergenic and being anti-bacterial.

We aim to create stylish yet comfortable designs that will enhance your living space, whether its on your walls, dining room table or in your home office.

Take a look at some of our styles.

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